Old Fire Truck converted into Food Truck for sale in NC

A friend sent me a listing from Craig’s List. It is for a 1967 Ford C600 Fire Engine converted into a food truck. He sent it to me as a joke due to a discussion we had a few years about buying an engine our old Volunteer Fire Department was selling.

We were never serious but had joked about picking up an old truck or engine to convert into a food truck. Food trucks were not as popular at the time of our dreaming this as it is today. Our idea was to do a tailgate type concept. Burgers, bratwurst and other grill friendly Wisconsin foods was the idea.

I think initially we had some interest, but then we looked at numbers and that interest faded. Getting ahold of a used Fire Apparatus would have been easy, but the conversion to selling food suddenly made it nothing more that a pipe dream.

From some of the things I have seen posted on Facebook I know there are others like me who have had the little pipe dream. Most I imagine are also like me in knowing it is only a day dream that will never happen. Yet I have a feeling someone out there is serious in this dream and just waiting for a chance like this truck.

If the listing is still active you can find it here… If that link is broken it is safe to assume it was sold.

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