Filming the police or being a bully?

This seems to be the new version of the USA. Now all people who work in Law Enforcement are the enemy and every citizen journalist is waiting to get a viral video hit. Personally I think it is the way elected officials have reacted to various events that have created a quasi “war on the cops”.

Check out this video. Couple of guys bump into some Secret Service agents when the president is on a road trip. Apparently an agent asked not to be filmed and thus these CopBlock aficionados took to then following the agents to film them.

In my eyes these guys are not documenting anything. They are not upholding any first amendment rights. All they are is being bullies. Yes that is right I called the CopBlock film makers bullies.

Everyday we see stories in the news of kids suffering from depression and even going so far to commit suicide due to verbal harassment. Listen to the verbal harassment these agents have to take.

Throughout out the video listen to the laughter, the giggling. It is a perverse sounding giggle. The kind of cackling someone makes from getting pleasure in causing another human Sorrow.

There are multiple comments that are also disturbing. Asking in German if they speak german. Then repeated calling of them the SS, not as in US Secret Service, but as in the Nazi Schutzstaffel.

“I think they grow them in vats.”

“They are like sea monkeys Bob, pure water on them and they get all big and muscular like that.”

“They are a joke. I think they are cowards with a gun”

Not to mention all the sexual innuendo. Repeatedly calling the agents Sexy and there is something I could not understand about the agents giving each other oral.

Seriously, in a time with parents are asking to end bullying this is a clear example of bullies that people think are doing good. Why is it unacceptable for kids to say these kinds of dehumanizing things to each other on a playground but somehow for adults it is a political statement?

In closing I have to say good job to the agents for keeping calm. These guys were baiting them. Trying to goad them into an argument. But the agents just kept walking giving the CopBlockers nothing to do act like school yard bullies.