Sovereign citizen in contempt of court resists arrest and gets the TASER

Sovereign citizens, folks who somehow feel they found some magic loophole where laws don’t apply to them. Yet judges, people who went to law school and have a somewhat better grasp of the law, don’t see these loopholes.

As entertaining as it can be to hear a sovereign citizen spout nonsense remember these can be dangerous people. Many sovereign citizens believe it is lawful to kill a police officer trying to arrest them. So be on guard anytime you interact with these folks.

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  • AngryNotSoOldHippy .

    Yes, these far right wing Christian Republican extremists who think they are some how “sovereign citizens” are *highly* dangerous, a great many of them have committed armed domestic terrorism against our country, including the Christofascist far right wing Republican Mormon “sovereign citizen” that took our bird sanctuary hostage and threatened to murder everyone if their Republican demands were not met.

    If you look at where these dimwitted extremists get their ideas, they are radicalized through right wing hate radio, Boll O’Reilly, Alex Jones, Pat Robertson, Fox “News,” and of course they get this insane lunacy from their Christian pulpits and from fellow right wing extremists they see on YouTube.

    I don’t see much humor in extremist religion-based Republicanism in this country — or around the world.