The Silence is deafening… does anyone care?

Time for a serious post…

Yesterday, (February 10, 2016) we had four Law Enforcement Officers killed in the United States. However unless you view police related web pages it seems these deaths never happened. The top headlines on local news outlets deal with the Oregon standoff surrender and New Hampshire voters. I had to dig to find a mention of these office’s deaths.

Two deputies were killed in the same event at a restaurant. One other deputy was shot a few days ago and has been on life support, the family made the gut-wrenching decision to donate his organs. The fourth LEO was killed in a plane crash.

On pro-police and various public safety pages, these stories are all over. Yet in the mainstream media, other topics are more important. The silence is deafening.

At the gym, I chatted up some civilian friends. None of them knew about the deputy being taking off life support. As for restaurant shootings they seemed to know something happened at a Panera but did not know the details. I did not even ask about the plane crash…

Sometimes on days like this, it seems the “Average Joe” does not care about us. Oh sure my civilian pals care about me as a person. However, my profession is not something that enters their mind, unless they need to call for one of us.

Then I opened my email. Someone had sent me a video (embedded below). It turns out yes people do care.

So to my brothers and sisters in blue (or sheriff brown) remember… Sometimes it feels like no one would notice if you were not around. Know this, if you were to vanish it would leave a major hole in your community, one that yes the “Average Joe” would feel as a loss.

We don’t do what we do for praise or glory. We do it because it is a calling… So keep doing the good work you do, and please make it home at the end of your shifts!

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  • Dee

    People most definitely do care. I’ve followed every single ‘Officer Down’ notification since I was in high school 5 years ago, and realized what law enforcement meant to me. At a time when most people sob over split ends or a scratch on their new ride, people stared at me because LE memorial videos were what brought a tear to my eye, Because I got angry when a fellow student resisted arrest and nearly injured an officer as she was being taken away while others cheered and jeered. Because I was the odd one out in a small town that doesn’t have the keenest attitude towards LEOs at times. Finally, hopefully getting my shot to become a sister (in brown) this summer. I also have law enforcement in my family. Law enforcement IS my family. Know that I care about each and every one of you wearing the badge out there, just as much as I care about my parents, siblings and best friends. You’d put your life on the line for me, know that I’d return the favor if the day ever came. -Just an Average Jane from the great state of WI