When Netflix make a documentary about a case you worked

This morning I woke up to see a post on an entertainment blog I tend to read about a new Documentary on Netflix. What shocked me was the name in the headline and the photo in the post, Steven Avery.

Check out the trailer here and then read my thoughts below…

Avery was convicted in 1985 of rape, something eighteen years later DNA testing showed he did not do. Once the DNA results showed he was not involved in that rape, he was freed from Prison. The Avery family owns a scrap yard. So upon his release, he moved into a trailer home on the business’s property.

Teresa Halbach was a photographer for a local Auto Trader magazine. Some of the salvage vehicles that came into the scrap yard were still sellable, so they often listed them in the Auto Trader. Halbach was never seen after her appointment at the Avery scrap yard. Police all over Wisconsin were looking for her as a missing person.

Eventually local police were granted the ability to search Avery’s property. Body parts, later identified as Halbach were located. To search the full scrap yard, many LEOs from all over northeast Wisconsin got called to help search. I was out there, on mutual aid, helping look for her missing car and other items of evidence. Her car was found mixed in with some other scrap cars.

This was the crime scene.

This was the crime scene.

Avery was convicted of the murder of Halbach.

Watching this trailer, it looks like the documentary filmmakers want to paint a picture of the Sheriff framing Avery for the Halbach death. I hope that is not the overall theme of the show. There is no way her death was some massive conspiracy. Sorry but way too many people from multiple public safety agencies. There is no way everyone would help frame a guy for murder. Even if only a few people were involved in the frame job, there is no way it could be kept secret from everyone else on scene.

I hope that Netflix creates an unbiased show. Hopefully the trailer up plays the allegation by Avery he was framed just for the advertising value. If this turns out to be an anti-police documentary my love of Netflix might have to change…

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