Why all the cop quit a police department…

The City of North, SC does not have a police department anymore. All the officer quit.

Often when you hear a story like this, the reason for them quitting seems petty. In this instance, the officers show a level of nobility. At a time when CopBlock asks where are all the good cops, here is an example.

In the Chief’s letter, it talks about how the Mayor is insistent that department performance is based on illegal ticket quotas. The mayor also dissolved all mutual aid agreements. Meaning the mayor saw the police force as a revenue source and was intent on maximizing that revenue.

Many anti-police groups cite cops being a revenue source for the city as a source of their anger. Here is an example of the reality. It is not the police who have the idea to use tickets for revenue. City officials, elected city officials, order the police into that style of operation. Officers are then stuck between a rock and a hard place.

As I have said before, I am lucky my department is not used for revenue. Every officer I know on a personal level would not want to be used for revenue generation. We don’t become cops to issue tickets. We become LEOs to do good, help the community, and make the world a bit safer.

Police are easy to hate. You see us on the street every day. I wish CopBlock would look behind the police. The political figures, lawmakers, and the courts. We as police do not make up the laws, we don’t set the fine amounts, and we do not control other sanctions such as jail time. That is outside the scope of the everyday LEO. Anti-police folks, however, blame it all on us.

So here you go CopBlock good cops stood up. They refused an illegal quota. Will you congratulate them as heroes and vilify the mayor? Or will you spin this a the cops are “lazy” and quit for some petty reason?

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