CopBlock tries to “educate” officer on law, proves that CopBlock needs education in department policy

A CopBlocker is filming an officer at a traffic stop. The officer is fine with being filmed and after the stop takes a moment to talk to the cameraman. Quickly the camera man tries to “educate” the officer on fresh pursuit laws, yet it is obvious this CopBlocker is a tad misinformed.

In my mind, the officer does a good job making a general statement as to why his being outside the city limits was acceptable. He then says a great line… asking the camera man to file a complaint with the city and if the officer was in error his supervisors would take corrective action.

The camera man says how he as a citizen is going to hold the officer accountable. Sorry, but we all know that laws are open to interpretation. How random citizen with a camera wants it to work is not always how the courts rule. Seriously does this nut job believe the officer is going to completely change how he works because “Gavin the dude with a camera told me to”?

Once again CopBlock shows their mentality. The officer basically says he does not know it all and if he is in the wrong he wants to correct it. But that is not good enough for CopBlock they keep goading him trying to get him to lose his cool. This officer will not take the bait and does not become confrontational.

Leaving the anti-police people to trying to use this as an example of how don’t want to be accountable to the public.

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