Another day another LEO refused service at a restaurant

It seems not a day goes by lately where a police officer or deputy sheriff is refused service at some restaurant. Sometimes it is the staff approaching the officer asking them to go. Other times it is staff yelling across the establishment ordering the officer out the door.

Police_not_man_gansonThese incidents have happened at coffee shops, donut shops (ironic cops not welcome at a donut shop right???), fast food restaurants, and multiple casual dining chains.

In almost every one of these situations, the national chain issues an apology and some statement about how it is not their policy to discriminate against uniformed police. However, these apologies seem to always be too little too late.

Think about how when a police officer does something dumb. All the uproar on social media often times asks why the officer is not trained better for a blue moon situation.

So my question to public restaurants is this… why don’t you train employees on the company policy as to who is and is not allowed in your establishments?

Seriously these situations could be taken care of by management giving staff a list of people (or groups of people) not allowed in the restaurant. In addition maybe restaurants should adopt a policy that part-time workers are not allowed to kick people out, only the management. The part-timer can point out the possible unwelcome guest and leave it to someone who knows the policy to make the real decisions.

In a select few of the incidents, it turns out the employee was confused by the policy of no guns allowed. Becuase a police uniform includes a firearm the officer is asked to go. Again this is something that maybe policy should address, no guns except for people paid to have them for work. Also again the idea that removal should not be a function of staff it should be a function of management.

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