Police TASER Mayoral Candidate

A number of blogs and news sites are sharing the below video. Each one has their own spin on what the story is about. After reading a hand full of accounts I would like to chime in with my view on this.



The video is recorded via a cell phone by a third party so we never get to see the actual beginning of the event. But based on the multiple sources I read this seems to be the timeline.

The Suspect, Beau Hawkes (who happens to be running for Mayor), is stopped when he is observed driving with out license plates on his vehicle. During the stop Hawkes is also observed talking on a cellphone with out a hands free device (a local law) and also Hawkes does not have a valid driver license.

During the stop Hawks tells the officer he is in a hurry to get to a city counsel meeting. Hawkes adds that he does not believe in licensing laws so he is except from needing to pay for licenses.

After the officer returns to his squad car, Beau decides to drive off before being issued his citations. The officer starts to chase Hawkes but wisely calls off the chase, it is only a traffic issue and he knows where Hakes is going.

Sure enough the officer meets up with Hawkes outside the court house. The Officer tells Hawkes he is under arrest, but Hawkes decides that running away is the better option. That is where the video picks up.

After a short foot chase, the officer uses a TASER to subdue the suspect.

So what do you think good police work or police brutality?